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How long before my release goes live?
Within 2 weeks (Pro Release) of us agreeing to sign your music.
Up to 8 weeks (Basic Release) of us agreeing to sign your music.

How does accounting work?
Accounting is transparent where you have your own account with an easy to use mobile app or web application. You can login to your account anytime and see streaming and sales data. Revenue is paid monthly straight into your account.

Can I use my own artwork?
Yes you can however if you have ordered the Pro Release we will work with you for getting you the right artwork for your release.

What payment method do use?

We take Secure Credit/Debit Card Payment By Stripe.
Also PayPal.

When will I receive my artwork and assets?

You shall have this within a week of placing your order.

Can upload my asset to my socials?
Yes all assets can be uploaded to Insta,FaceBook, YouTube etc..

How do I add my canvas on Spotify?

Go to Spotify for artists,upcoming releases there you will be able to add your canvas.

Is it important to pitch my release to Spotify?
Yes this very important you should submit this at least 7 days before release day.